Word game: Chime & Mime Rhymes

Word game: Chime & Mime Rhymes

Chime & Mime Rhymes

For children aged 5+

This is a funny game that will help your child with rhyming but is mixed with a lot of silliness. As with a lot of my favourite games, you need nothing but your head!


Cat - sat - rat - bat - hat - fat Ran - pan - man - fan - van - tan Top - hop - mop - stop - flop

How to play:

  • Pick an easy rhyming word, (see my recommended words above) and shout/chime it out loud.

  • The next person then tries to think of another word that rhymes with it, and you keep going until you can't think of anymore.

  • Using the same word, now mime a word that rhymes with it. The purpose for this is to look silly, but more importantly it teaches children to think about words and their meanings and increase their vocabulary. 

  • The winner is the person who can think of, and mime, the most rhymes.

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