Word game: alphabet hide & seek

Word game: alphabet hide & seek

Alphabet hide & seek

For children aged 3+

I have been playing this with my daughter, Amabel. She loves playing hide and seek so I have used that to my advantage.

It's very easy, all you need is some post-it notes or masking tape would work too! 

This game is great for reinforcing letter recognition.

Alphabet Hide & Seek

How to play:

  • Write out the alphabet on post-it notes and 'hide' them around the room. You don't have to hide them very well, it's best if they spot them so you can practice their letters! 
  • When the child finds a post-it note, ask them to say the (phonic) sound.
  • Keep looking until you have found all the letters in the alphabet.
  • Make the kids laugh and put them in silly places - on the loo, or on the hamster cage!
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