Word game: No backs!

Word game: No backs!

No backs!

For children aged 3+

My kids and nephews and nieces are slightly obsessed with this game. They learnt it in the playground at school but its brilliant for learning letters and numbers!

What I love about this game is that my 2 year olds even plays, he has no real idea what is going on but will happily shout out 'no backs!' and thinks its hilarious! 

5 5 - no backs!

There are two versions of this game, here's how to play them:

Version 1, numbers:

This game is all about spotting double numbers. When your child sees a number plate with a double number, e.g. 5 5, on it, they get to shout "5 5, no backs!". In our family version someone usually gets a little tap/punch but no injuries have ever been caused and I'm not condoning violence! 

The winner is the person to find the most double numbers.

Version 2, alphabet:

In this game, you play by looking for all 26 letters of the alphabet on number plates as you drive along. This can be a team game or individual.

You have to find them in order from A- Z. When the children see a letter they shout out "A, no backs!", which means they've won and no one else can call that letter.  Then you move on to the next letter.

The winner is the person who spots the most letters.

C - no backs!

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